Is your team in immediate need of top talent?

DOXA’s VIP Assist program hires and trains highly skilled professionals to be available to interview and start with your organization immediately. The VIP Assistant program consists of only the top 1% of virtual and executive assistants in the Philippines. From targeted recruiting and onboarding to training and development, our VIPs are well-equipped with the skill sets to make a valuable impact on you and your business right away.

Redefine the way you work

Maximize your time, not your effort with a dedicated virtual or executive assistant, so you can focus on doing what you do best and scale efficiently.

Streamline your day-to-day

Optimize every second of your day with a set of extra hands by your side managing your daily tasks and operations.

Focus on what matters

When you’re multitasking, are you truly producing your best work? Dedicate your time at work to areas that require your full attention as you delegate administrative tasks to your VIP.

Build a culture of trust

When we pair you with a VIP, we ensure that their values, goals, and vision align you’re yours and your organization’s. Onboarding a VIP means having team members who develop meaningful professional relationships as they help grow your business.

Too much on your plate?

A dedication to process optimization

We believe that the solution to streamline your workflows is to leverage technology. To complement our top talents’ skills, we equip you with robotic process automation tools. Combining manpower and technology, your business drives cost-efficiency by 70%.

Join the growing number of business owners who are leveraging offshore talent

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The Competitive Edge
Get executive assistance right away with our structured end-to-end approach to delivering top talent. With VIPA, your business benefits immediately from adept team members who have the ability to grow from being a virtual/executive assistant to taking responsibilities of someone in a senior leadership position.
The VIPA program maintains a talent pool of virtual and executive assistants that are ready to interview and start as soon as you need them to.
We constantly develop our VIPs with new skills to advance in their roles and continue to add value to you and your business.
Our Culture Index Assessment is a metric we’ve developed to ensure that our VIPs do not only match your technical requirements, but also your company culture and values.
In the training process, we go beyond tools and software. We focus on teaching our VIPs soft skills like building trust virtually, how to be a leader assistant, and the art of managing up.
We invest in top talent and that means providing them the best compensation package and infrastructure to encourage them to deliver quality work by giving them the best quality of life. Our goal is not only to improve the lives of our VIPs but also their families, communities, and country.
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IT'S WHAT WE CALL Borderless TalentTM

We are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Borderless TalentTM is our meticulous process in finding the right talent with the right fit. It’s more than just filtering through resumes.


In addition to understanding your needs, we get to know your business, culture and values. We also want to know your motivators, strengths, and skills so that we can align you with prospects that share the same.


We utilize a comprehensive process to connect you to top talent with the right fit for your needs all while placing them in a position they are wired to succeed. By helping you build a highly-skilled, engaged workforce you build a competitive advantage.


We help you train and manage your remote team with HR support, from time tracking and process mapping to monitoring performance and keeping your data safe and secure. Most importantly, we support you and your team every step of the way so you can focus on growing and scaling your business.

We are your x-factor in Borderless TalentTM.

Contact us to learn how we can connect you with the right talent and the right fit you can depend on.