A Look at Robotic Process Automation and How It Secures Office Environments

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) might seem alarming but additional security is just one of many benefits it offers to businesses

Key takeaways:

  • RPA is the use of robotic technology to perform repetitive, rule-based tasks.

  • RPA bots use AI and machine learning capabilities to mimic human behavior with digital systems.

  • It is used in almost every industry for a variety of business tasks.

  • Using RPA can increase cybersecurity, cut overhead costs, and increase productivity.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, many industries quickly found ways to continue business as employees were sent home to work. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) moved a little closer to the forefront of the business world as a result. 

RPA is a software technology that mimics human interaction with digital systems. It frees employees from time-consuming, repetitive tasks such as answering constant emails, making financial reports, and managing transactions. RPA uses bots with machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence to perform these high-volume jobs.

RPA isn’t a new concept but the work-from-home surge has made it more attractive to employers with less time and fewer staff members in-house. Despite its usefulness, some employers are still leery of it because of the misconceptions that abound. 

The most damaging of all misconceptions about RPA is that it weakens network security but there is plenty of evidence to show that’s not true. Here are some exciting ways RPA keeps corporate networks secure and office productivity high.

Viruses and malware attacks

RPA bots help guard against human error when it comes to opening malware and virus links. Bots can run a quick analysis of system alerts and decide how to address and contain threats based on the relevant data they find. They can stop the spread of viruses to the network and corporate data.

Compliance with sensitive information regulations

Business regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protect consumers’ private information. Businesses that aren’t compliant can face hefty legal consequences and even lose their company. RPA bots help companies comply with these regulations with precise auditing documentation and create backup copies of all core processes. 

Termination of unauthorized access

Secure access to the network is imperative for every business. Hacker attacks can happen to any company or entity but employee error is more common. RPA can keep unauthorized employees from accessing privileged information by requiring specific credentials. It can also add layers of encryption that prevent attacks and accidents from outside the corporate network.

Consistency in processes

Robotics provides flawless consistency in all processes across the board. They are non-invasive, safe for other inherent software systems, and relatively easy to install so there is little room for mistakes.

Increased quality and accuracy

The processes and tasks that RPA bots take care of have high occurrences of human error because they are repetitive and tedious. Robots perform those same tasks at a much higher volume than humanly possible without the risk of human error. RPA improves capabilities that multiply executive power.


The financial benefits of RPA are some of the most satisfying advantages for most businesses. Robotics can cut overhead costs, reduce labor-intensive tasks, and provide overall savings of baseline full-time equivalent (FTE) costs for financial services.

Improved analytics

The higher quality data and a reduction in error provided by RPA result in improved analytics. In turn, it is leading to better decision-making and higher quality process execution.

Enhanced employee effectiveness

RPA helps employers place their staff in positions where they excel. It isn’t necessary to have a large portion of the team performing hours of tedious work when an RPA can handle it. Instead, bosses can use the talents and skills of their workforce where they will be most effective.

Improved customer relations

Highly accurate and up-to-date internal operations lead to an improved experience for the consumer. Robotics help perfect customer relationships by providing faster, more precise query replies, merchandise returns, and complaint resolution.


RPA bots can perform their tasks with incredible speed. Not only can work be completed in record time but customers, payments, and other operational processes get taken care of quicker, too. When everything in the business moves along in an orderly fashion, it frees time and human resources for other projects.

Seamless interaction

Bots can work seamlessly with other programs on a corporate network to perform many tasks. For instance, a bot can take data from various invoices, monetary transaction logs, liabilities, and ledgers, attach them to an email, and send them to the head of accounting at the end of each day.

IT support

IT service desk tasks are one of the most valuable areas for RPA. Bots quickly streamline problems and knock out issues faster than a human. When short-term spikes occur, businesses don’t have to hire or train additional staff. The bots can handle it. 


RPA is used in almost every industry and is capable of a massive variety of tasks. It is perfect for any job that is repeatable, definable, and rule-based.

Implementing anything new into your business can be intimidating. Installing RPA bots may seem like a daunting prospect but it is easier than most people think. RPA bots are safe, versatile, cost-effective, consistent, and a gamechanger for many small to medium-size businesses.

Answers to your RPA questions

While RPA has been in the business world since the 2000s, it’s just now becoming a buzzword. We can help you figure out how to best implement it in your company. Doxa7 helps small to medium-sized businesses build high-performing, scalable, global teams. We are a global business services firm structurally aligned to deliver better results for small businesses. 

Using our proprietary system, we ensure that SMBs have the infrastructure, tools, and resources to compete with larger organizations. Whether you’re a start-up or scale-up, Doxa7 can adapt to your needs, big or small, no matter how complex. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Find your V.I.P.

Leverage our Borderless TalentTM to scale your business by increasing the output while saving on hiring costs.

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