Do You Have to Supply Your Remote Team With Offshore Workspace Equipment?

A BPO firm can handle supplying workforce equipment for you

Key takeaways:

  • Recruiting an offshore team yourself requires you to set up a workplace for it.
  • You must establish an office for your time with several essentials. 
  • Working with a dedicated BPO firm takes care of this aspect for you. 

Working with an offshore team is a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses. That’s why many companies venture into recruiting their own offshore teams. Taking this path requires employers to find and equip an office space. Thus, businesses need to equip their offices with essential offshore workspace equipment.  

Unfortunately, remote logistical challenges complicate matters and could erode some of the gains of recruiting remote teams. Luckily, a dedicated BPO company can help companies recruit the right offshore staff and equip their offices with the proper supplies. The results? Enterprising businesses will enjoy streamlined office experiences and operations. 

What are the essential office supplies you will need for your offshore team? How can a BPO firm help you get there? Let’s dive in.

Essential offshore workspace equipment

Every worker needs specific tools to get their job done. Office workers often need computers, software, chairs, and other essentials to accomplish their tasks. Here are 12 pieces of equipment offshore office workers may need. 

1. Computers

Every modern office has computers. The latest desktop and laptop computers will boost business operations. Laptops are ideal if your offshore team travels or works from home. 

2. Computer software

Computers need computer software. Office computers require tools to facilitate daily operations like managing emails, creating documents, keeping books, and storing documents. Your team may also need apps for contact management, coordination, and networking. 

3. Planners

Planners help streamline daily operations. These tools enable your team to track all business deadlines, appointments, and to-do lists. Planners can either be digital or paper-based because we have not entered a 100% paperless business world.

4. Writing tools

Old-fashioned writing utensils should always be around to take down notes in a jiffy. Supply some pencils, erasers, pens, markers, and pencils. Some people prefer using whiteboards with markers in meetings and you never know when you’ll need a pen or pencil. 

5. Projectors

The modern office needs projectors to streamline its operations. Your remote team will require at least one projector for:

  • Making business proposals
  • Strategy-building sessions
  • In-house staff training

Using a projector instead of a traditional whiteboard eases record-keeping. A projector simplifies and clarifies presentations, making it easier for listeners to make notes. 

6. A stable internet connection

We live in an internet-enabled business environment. Thus, your new remote office requires a stable and reliable internet connection. Your workers require broadband and Wi-Fi for enhanced collaboration among themselves. Reliable internet connectivity enables your workers to work in the field if their duties need them to.

7. A telephone system

Communication between your offshore team and your main office is essential. Your remote office will need reliable telecommunication. Therefore, establish a reliable telephone system to streamline and enhance communication.

Depending on your business’s nature, you can have three systems that comprise PBX, VoIP, and mobile telephony. A VoIP system is cloud-based because your staff calls over the Net. Inversely, a PBX system uses a standard telephone line. Having a mobile telephone system ices the cake because it eases communications among your remote workers.

8. Desk organizers

Order and organization are essential for streamlined office operations. These tools ensure that your workers operate in a clean and enabling environment. They also save space and keep away unwanted stuff from desks. Your staff won’t need to waste their time and energy standing or moving around to get essential office tools.

9. Printers

A paperless office is rare. You need at least one printer for your office to print essential business documents such as reports, letters, invoices, financial transactions, and product lists. 

10. Furniture

Your workers need a place to sit. Supplying them with good furniture isn’t optional. Make sure the furniture is economical and ergonomic. Otherwise, un-ergonomic furniture can reduce your staff’s comfort levels, adversely affecting their productivity and efficiency. Remember, comfortable furniture boosts staff morale, motivation, and the positive attitudes necessary for enhanced productivity. 

11. Kitchen tools

Don’t forget that office refreshments and entertainment boost a productive office team. Equip your new offshore office with a coffee maker and water dispenser to enable workers to refresh themselves. A cup of coffee can go a long way in refreshing a worker’s mind for creative thinking. A glass of cold water on a hot day reinvigorates them to keep working. Some of the items you need are:

  • Glasses
  • Silverware 
  • Cups 

These tools send a strong message that you care for your workers. Remember, employees who feel that their employer cares for them are more motivated to work than those who don’t.

12. First-aid kits

Show your employees that you care for them by equipping their office with first-aid kits. These tools enable your staff to treat minor injuries when they occur in the office. 

Let Doxa7 handle the offshore workspace equipment

Choosing to recruit an offshore team yourself requires you to find and equip an office to streamline your daily operations. The process can be daunting and expensive for many companies venturing into remote territories. Fortunately, working with a reputable BPO firm like Doxa7 changes the equation to your advantage. 

Doxa7 helps small and mid-size enterprises build and manage highly skilled offshore teams, including supplying space and equipment. We tailor our solutions to suit your business’s unique outsourcing requirements. Additionally, we align our BPO solutions to deliver better results for local businesses. We help you compete globally. Contact our team today for a free 20-minute consultation.

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Find your V.I.P.

Leverage our Borderless TalentTM to scale your business by increasing the output while saving on hiring costs.

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