What Industries Use BPO the Most and Why?

Take advantage of the benefits of BPO like these industries 

Key takeaways:

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the delegation of tasks to an external workforce. 

  • BPO has many advantages like cost savings and process optimization.

  • A BPO company typically provides one or more services.

  • The healthcare and tech industries rely heavily on BPO. 

  • Human Resources is increasingly adopting outsourcing practices

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the practice of contracting specific work tasks or processes to an external agency. Outsourced tasks typically include payroll, bookkeeping, telemarketing, data recording, social media marketing, and customer service.

BPO is typically used –for non-core technical or non-technical tasks. Although BPO was initially utilized only by manufacturing companies, it has now skyrocketed across all industries. 

BPO handles two types of tasks: back office and front office processes. Back-office services encompass internal company procedures such as billing and purchasing. Front-office jobs, on the other hand, typically comprise customer-focused services. Examples of front-office services are marketing and technical support for customers. 

Some industries rely on BPO more than others. Healthcare, tech, and manufacturing are very active in this space. We take a look at some of the industries that rely on BPO the most and examine why. 

Why utilizing BPO is a good idea 

Many companies utilize BPO because it allows them to be more flexible in their operations. Outsourcing non-core administrative tasks, for example, allows a department to reallocate time and resources to key competencies like product excellence. This gives a company a competitive advantage over its industry’s competitors.

BPO allows small and medium companies to compete in a dense marketplace with well-known businesses. It offers SMBs scalability without the overhead costs of hiring in-house team members for project-based work.  

BPO also helps businesses enter the international market. If a company decides to build an overseas presence and operate internationally, a good place to start would be outsourcing to a local company in the region. Their expertise in the local industry, legislation, language, and administration will be invaluable. 

Industries that heavily rely on BPO 

Industries that depend on BPO the most have moderate to high amounts of repetitious, labor-intensive tasks. They have stricter regulations and slim profit margins that demand cost savings through increased efficiency. Usually, these concerns apply to virtually any industry, which helps to explain why BPO is so popular. 

Industries that widely use BPO include: 


It may come as a surprise that healthcare is one of the industries that depend on outsourcing their business processes. The healthcare industry is unique and quite complicated. Healthcare providers are committed to helping people stay healthy. To effectively do that, their operations must run as efficiently as possible.

With the growth of a healthcare facility comes an increase in duties like patient care and customer relations. Healthcare businesses should never compromise service quality focusing on these non-essential operations. When it comes to administration, policies and regulations, quality management, or other related tasks, BPO helps healthcare businesses be highly organized. 

The company gets to focus on patient care and the primary business operations rather than committing unnecessary time and effort to office tasks. Political changes affect insurance coverage, among other legalities. A healthcare firm might not have time to focus on such events and what they translate to in their daily operations. It’s not why nurses and doctors entered the profession in the first place.

Data capture, document scanning and imaging, customer care administration, business process management, billing, and records management are some of the many services a healthcare company can outsource.


Numerous government entities depend on BPO to serve citizens’ needs cost-effectively. A typical day in a government agency is filled with massive paperwork, emails, and queries to process and manage. Depending on the office or program, there are also several regulations to comply with. Governmental entities can improve the quality of the services they offer citizens and save operational expenses by utilizing BPO. 


BPO services are used in the tech world more than almost any other industry, understandably. To create significant technological and creative innovations, a business in this industry has to be agile and adaptable, ever-ready to flip tactics and swiftly expand into new areas. BPO enables tech companies to enjoy the highest benefits on the market with the smallest number of staff. Tech businesses are commonly at the frontline of BPO strategy execution.

Any vital IT operation, such as programming, application making, or software testing, can be outsourced, helping a company concentrate more on its principal focus, which is critical for maintaining a competitive edge in this industry. This is why it is one of the industries that depend on outsourcing their business processes the most.

Manufacturing and retail

Large-scale retailers and manufacturers receive overwhelming amounts of data daily. This could disrupt workflow, affect customer satisfaction, and, inevitably, profits. Luckily, this is nothing manufacturers have to worry about with outsourcing. A company becomes even more agile and lucrative by outsourcing these non-core services while boosting its customer service and reputation at the same time.


Banks used to conduct back-office operations in-house which was not the most efficient process. Banking and finance outsourcing has gained popularity due to this, the emergence of fintech firms, and a stronger emphasis on risk mitigation strategies and contingency planning. 

Banks and financial institutions outsource call centers, digital mailroom services, data processing, document storage, and management. They can also choose to work with agencies with a global reach and understanding of financial institutions’ regulatory compliance needs worldwide.


Transportation businesses have a lot on their plates like figuring out hundreds of servicing routes each year, dealing with incoming/outgoing paperwork, and processing payment data correctly. It can be terrible for an organization and its clients if documentation and logistics are not appropriately managed. Using a third party lowers firms’ overhead expenses on back-office services, which equals more money in pockets. 

BPO is also used by airlines to streamline front and back-office operations. An airline, for example, could outsource its ticketing to an external agency.

Human Resources

HR departments and firms are now more essential than ever. Their work contributes to a safe and positive work atmosphere for all staff. HR professionals can devote way more time to the critical job of recruiting, interviewing, and routinely checking in with existing employees by outsourcing many of their back-office tasks. HR departments can focus more on guaranteeing a safer workplace if they partner with a BPO firm.

DOXA is your answer for BPO

BPO has helped industries like healthcare, tech, and finance make scalable gains and grow their services seamlessly. It’s easy to see why the industries listed utilize this invaluable service. 

Doxa7 is a BPO service provider that helps small and medium businesses build high-performing, scalable, global teams. It’s structurally aligned to deliver better results for small businesses. We ensure that SMBs have the infrastructure, tools, and resources to compete with larger organizations. Contact us today for a free consultation on getting started.

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Find your V.I.P.

Leverage our Borderless TalentTM to scale your business by increasing the output while saving on hiring costs.

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