DOXAcon 2022: A Glimpse into ContentBacon’s Experience at the Annual Event

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ContentBacon went to DOXAcon 2022 and had an extraordinary experience. This exclusive interview with CEO Wendy Lieber and HR director Joana Esciete gives us a glimpse into their experience at DOXAcon 2022.

Key Takeaways:

  • DOXAcon allowed ContentBacon’s Wendy Lieber and Joana Esciete to deepen professional connections with their VIPs in the Philippines
  • Wendy was able to network with other growth-minded CEOs and Executives from different parts of the globe
  • The ContentBacon team was able to participate DOXA’s altruistic endeavors in lifting communities by distributing food, clothing, and school supplies to 10,000 Filipinos

DOXAcon 2022 was a resounding success for ContentBacon, a leading content creation and marketing solutions provider. CEO Wendy Lieber and HR Director Joana Esciete attended the annual event to connect with industry leaders, network with potential partners and clients, and gain insights from DOXAcon’s impressive lineup of speakers.

During their candid and comprehensive interview, Wendy and Joana discussed their experience at DOXAcon, shared their insights on the 3-day event, and reflected on the growth opportunities DOXAcon presented for ContentBacon and DOXA.

What is DOXAcon?

DOXAcon is an annual event that brings together industry leaders, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest trends and strategies in content creation and marketing. It is a platform to listen to influential speakers, learn from the conversations of industry experts, and gain valuable insights into the content industry.

the content bacon team having some snack during the event

At DOXAcon 2022, Wendy and Joana had the opportunity to meet with DOXA’s VIPs and clients, strengthen existing relationships, and build new ones. CEO Wendy Lieber was a keynote speaker at DOXAcon, discussing “How to Win with Content in 2023,” a timely and relevant topic that resonated with DOXAcon attendees.

“My talk was about how to win with content in 2023. It was to all the companies that were there… But I also really emphasized and talked about how important it is to have content for your team and to use content to create culture and to communicate with team members, especially when you are a virtual team.”

Details on the event

DOXAcon 2022 was a three-day event held in the Philippines. It was an excellent opportunity to meet clients, partners, and DOXA’s VIPs in person and learn how they work and their communication strategies with their customers. This wasn’t the usual formal corporate structure with a rigid schedule but a relaxed, vibing atmosphere with plenty of time to network and socialize. As Joana puts it:

“I’m used to the corporate structure. Then coming into the event or the meet and greet at that time, it was like, oh, we’re just vibing. It’s like, okay, this is cool. You don’t have a rigid structure of, ‘these are the questions you can only ask.’ It’s like, ‘go be free, my people!’ And it was very awesome to meet people.”

Day 1: Meet and greet

The first day was a meet-and-greet, where DOXAcon attendees mingled and interacted, getting to know each other and DOXA’s partners. This three-hour session was filled with conversations, laughter, and a whole lot of fun. After the session, you were allowed to do whatever you wanted. You were free to roam around, network, or chill. Joana chose to spend some quality time with Wendy.

There was also the year-end party, themed “DOXA Rocks,” where clients and other attendees came in dressed like rock stars. There were raffles and prizes that made the event more memorable. It ended with a Christmas baskets giveaway for VIPs.

some of the DOXA staff wearing their rock-themed outfits for the annual holiday party

“Then it was food and drinks. Everyone was networking and everyone was having good fun. At the end of the event, they gave away Christmas baskets for the VIPs consisting of the traditional Queso de Bola and spaghetti, you know, the typical Filipino Christmas.”

Day 2: Content day

This was the cherry on top for DOXAcon 2022. DOXAcon attendees had the chance to listen to Wendy’s thought-provoking talk on “How to Win with Content in 2023” in a ten-point presentation. 50–60 attendees participated in the discussion and engaged with Wendy’s presentation. Some of the notable points in her speech included:

  • The importance of content in your team and how to use it to create a culture and communicate with team members
  • Lead generation
  • How important onboarding is and how to make it smoother

cory sanford presenting during the day 2 of the DOXAcon 2022

Day 3: CSR activity

On the final day of DOXAcon 2022, ContentBacon had the chance to participate in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity in Malabon city. The team gave food, clothing, and school supplies to the 250 underprivileged families of the city, which impacting over 10,000 people.

They also interacted with the locals, took pictures, and got to experience a different side of the Philippines. The Filipino community had a rare opportunity to interact with a foreign company and show appreciation for their presence.

a DOXA staff interacting with the filipino community during the corporate social responsibility activity

“Day three comes and it’s more of a CSR activity that we had. And then we gave away not just slippers – we also gave away a bag of vegetables, a bag of rice, five packets of noodles, and also crackers. It’s for the whole group that we were involved in. So there were families who would come in, and then they would be given all of those things.”

To mark the end of the CSR activity, the team had a closing lunch. Later, Joana and Wendy visited Ayala Museum, which showcases the amazing Filipino culture and heritage. They got firsthand experience of Filipino art, literature, and history.

The three-day-event was an amazing experience for Wendy and Joana that, among other things, helped to show that DOXA is a company that values its employees and clients. The event wasn’t just about content but also a great opportunity to bond with co-workers, meet new people, and help those in need.

At DOXA, we’re more than just a professional service organization. We’re committed to bettering the lives of those around us and serving our community. We strive to use our resources to make a difference, not just in our customers’ lives but also for those around us.

When you outsource with DOXA, you are not just outsourcing with a professional BPO provider – you’re partnering with an organization that has the interests of the greater community in mind.

Our CSR activity was a testament to this commitment and a tangible representation of our values. The Filipino families’ beaming smiles of gratitude made the experience so worthwhile. It was a memorable way to wrap up DOXAcon 2022.

The DOXA difference

DOXA is different from your typical business process outsourcing provider. DOXA seeks to provide value-driven services through its team of skilled professionals, partnering closely with clients to spark real transformation and success.

DOXAcon 2022 was a testament to DOXA’s people-focused approach and commitment to creating meaningful experiences for clients and employees and matching them with their core values. Joana compares DOXA to previous employers:

“This is the first company, I’ve only been in three or four companies, and this is the first company, I would say, where it was people-focused. Once you get onboarded with DOXA, you’ll go through the whole training for a week or even self-based trainings… The standard is one week of training. They have a whole training library thing that you can access as a trainee, and then, once you have a client ready, they onboard you to their team.”

DOXAcon 2022 was a testament to DOXA’s commitment to creating and fostering a win-win culture for our clients, employees, and the community. Our transparency, inclusion, and results-driven approach make us your reliable BPO partner.

We help businesses access highly skilled talent from a global pool of professionals, providing them with the resources and guidance to succeed. DOXA allows businesses to take their customer experience, operations, and team efficiency to the next level. Get in touch today and experience the DOXA difference!

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