DOXAcon 2022: Network, Network, Network

The second day of DOXAcon 2022 was all about networking, with key talks from DOXA clients.

Key takeaways:

  • DOXAcon 2022 was partially devoted to networking opportunities for business leaders.
  • CEOs came together to talk about their businesses and where remote work fits in.
  • Networking helps business leaders learn from each other, gain new technologies and tools, and find inspiration.

DOXA couldn’t be where we are today without acknowledging one big factor: networking. Networking fosters meaningful connections for any industry. These connections help drive businesses forward, especially in a landscape that’s ever-changing like hiring offshoring talent.

We started up DOXAcon, a three-day gathering in the Philippines, to promote networking in our industry. DOXAcon 2022 was full of opportunities to make connections and learn from other companies and CEOs. Let’s talk about why that’s so important.

Recap of DOXAcon Day 2: Networking

Networking is one of the biggest game changers in any industry. It helps people get jobs, learn from others, establish life-long relationships, and collaborate on innovation and technology. 

The second day of DOXAcon 2022 was devoted to this very topic. No conference is complete without opportunities to make connections, so the idea was to spend an entire day on it. This means attendees had numerous chances to meet people and hear what others are dealing with, especially related to remote workplaces.

The setup was this: DOXA clients pitched their companies and strategies to fellow CEOs attending DOXAcon. The goal was to share what their companies are focused on as far as talent and how they’re dealing with challenges. Here are a few highlights from the talks:

Cory Sanford, Guidant Financial

Cory Sanford, senior director of human resources at business financing organization Guidant Financial, talked about remote work and why HR matters now more than ever for modern workplaces. He discussed how company culture needs to be intentional and not accidental, since every company has a culture even if they don’t know it. “Culture is connection,” he said, and that tied back to the day’s overall theme of networking. Connections matter, with coworkers and beyond. 

David Hajdu, TINYpulse

TINYpulse is an employee engagement software that helps business leaders gather feedback and keep workers engaged. Their Head of Product, David Hajdu, talked about how this company came about – from that feeling leaders have when they’re losing talent and they don’t know why. He explained how they built out a team in Vietnam to support the application’s development after losing their engineers. Establishing and being deliberate about company culture becomes that much more important when teams are remote and have to deal with barriers like different languages.

David Nilssen, DOXA

DOXA’s own David Nilssen gave a short talk about the importance of coming together and collaborating on issues related to offshoring talent. He asked for feedback from attendees on what people wanted to discuss, and responses ranged from team integration to establishing best practices and creating better onboarding processes. David also discussed why DOXA decided to lean fully into remote work to avoid having two classes of workers – remote and in house. He pointed out that a hybrid environment can actually be really challenging for teams.

Ivan Dy, Tourism Professional

A different kind of presentation was given by Ivan Dy, who is a tourism professional in the Philippines. The purpose of his talk was to share more information about the country, its history and geography, and other facts that help people become acquainted with it, like:

  • Many Filipinos overseas send money back to their families in the Philippines
  • Family and respecting elders are big components of their culture
  • The Philippines is a country of many languages, including English and Tagalog
  • Their president is elected every six years
  • Catholic is the majority religion

He also answered questions from attendees about gift ideas for remote Filipino teams and seasonal timelines.

Lauren Hoover, DOXA

Finally, DOXA’s Chief of Staff Lauren Hoover talked to the group about how business leaders can use the right tools to make their lives easier. CEOs tend to spend way too much time on the business, particularly administrative or operational tasks, and should instead learn to delegate effectively and be intentional with their time. Leveraging tools like automation is critical to getting their time back.

Every business needs networking. DOXAcon helped business leaders connect over talent challenges and share what they’re doing to engage people and manage remote teams.

Top benefits of networking

The presentations from DOXAcon 2022 helped illustrate that coming together with other CEOs and discussing challenges, wins, and tips helps the entire industry succeed. Here are a few key perks of networking:

  • Learning about technologies to improve efficiencies
    Lauren’s talk was the perfect example of how CEOs can discover new tools that will help make their lives easier.
  • Hearing that your business isn’t alone with its struggles and challenges
    Sometimes just finding some relief in other leaders’ stories is enough to keep moving forward.
  • Finding out how other CEOs or companies handle issues you’re dealing with
    It’s extremely valuable to hear how others have accomplished their goals with specific steps or tips.
  • Opportunities to find new partners and collaborators
    Networking helps companies connect with others to form win-win relationships.
  • Being inspired by new ideas
    People leave conferences like DOXAcon feeling inspired about their work and industry.

Networking can improve everything from efficiency to partnerships to employee engagement. These benefits were felt throughout DOXAcon, but especially as the presenters talked about the world of remote work.

The DOXA difference

The remote talent and offshoring industries benefit greatly from networking opportunities like DOXAcon 2022. Business leaders can come together, share ideas, and collaborate on how to move their businesses, and the industry, forward.

And DOXA knows the industry. Our team understands the challenges small businesses face. That’s why we focus on helping them create highly skilled offshoring teams from the Philippines to help them improve their businesses. 

Learn more about our work by reaching out to DOXA today.

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Find your V.I.P.

Leverage our Borderless TalentTM to scale your business by increasing the output while saving on hiring costs.

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