DOXA Talent Mid-Year Town Hall: Igniting Employee Engagement In A Remote Workforce

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Today, remote work has become an inevitable part of growth strategies for most businesses. As a result, fostering robust employee engagement has become even more detrimental in driving success. Amidst this paradigm shift, DOXA Talent’s in-person mid-year town hall emerges as a transformative solution in fostering a shared sense of dedication and enthusiasm.

With a strategic focus on bolstering collaboration, acknowledging achievements, and aligning remote teams with the broader organizational vision, the mid-year town hall stands as a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to nurturing employee engagement in a dispersed work environment.

“It’s really hard to believe that this is just our second town hall. In January 2021, it was our first time to see our VIPs (in person). At that time, we were physically distanced, we were all wearing masks, and we thought we would never hug or shake hands again,” shares DOXA Talent’s President, Edward Lim, in his opening spiel.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic marked a pivotal turning point in how businesses approach employee engagement. As organizations navigated the challenges of remote work, social distancing, and widespread uncertainty, the significance of maintaining a highly engaged workforce became paramount.

In response, DOXA Talent intensified efforts in cultivating meaningful connections with its remote employees, recognizing the profound impact that employee engagement has on productivity, morale, and overall well-being.

“Last year, (during) our first town hall, we had over a hundred people. For those of you that were here, remember we had to (undergo) antigen tests. At that time, we only had town hall then lunch, and that was it,” Edward continues.

To further the commitment to increase employee engagement, it’s imperative to explore various strategies to create an engaged remote workforce. DOXA Talent’s mid-year town hall applied a comprehensive approach in engaging its employees, internally known as VIPs, one that focused on human-centric methodologies.

By filling the day with interactive activities to foster collaboration, open communication, and professional growth, the mid-year town hall exemplified how a strategic blend of technology and human touch can yield remarkable outcomes in the realm of employee engagement.

Instruments Of Remote Employee Engagement

In a remote work setup like DOXA Talent’s, the challenge lies in maintaining a strong sense of connection and motivation among employees. Innovative strategies to improve employee engagement in this context are essential, as they bridge the physical gap and foster a cohesive virtual community.

DOXA Talent’s mid-year in-person town hall stands as one of the organization’s prime instruments for effectively engaging its remote workforce. In an entirely remote work setup, the event transcended geographical boundaries and breathed a sense of inclusivity and belonging, bridging the gap between physical distance and emotional engagement. By recognizing the unique needs of its  VIPs and tailoring activities to resonate with their experiences, the mid-year town hall effectively reinforces a vibrant and engaged remote workforce, ultimately contributing to the organization’s collective success.

From engaging discussions that encouraged open dialogue to collaborative problem-solving exercises that promoted camaraderie, DOXA Talent’s mid-year town hall reflected the organization’s dedication to crafting experiences that holistically enhance employee engagement.

Employee Survey via Mentimeter

The first employee engagement activity for this year’s mid-year town hall was an interactive survey powered by Mentimeter.

The activity recognizes the importance of capturing firsthand insights from VIPs, fostering a culture of open communication and inclusivity. Through thoughtfully crafted questions like, “What is the most significant challenge you face while working from home?” and “Which employee benefit should DOXA focus on assessing for 2024?”, the survey not only addresses pertinent concerns but also empowers employees by involving them in the decision-making process.

A person standing on a stage with a bar graph shown on a LED screen.
DOXA Talent’s President, Edward Lim, leads the employee survey segment of the Mid-Year Town Hall

Furthermore, by inquiring about their preferences for raffle prizes in the virtual Year End Party 2023, the survey directly taps into their interests, enhancing their sense of anticipation and involvement in company events.

Using employee surveys like this Mentimeter-powered activity contributes significantly to the overall employee engagement effort. By giving employees a voice and providing an avenue to express their opinions, surveys create a sense of empowerment and ownership.

This sense of power can directly increase employee engagement, as individuals feel that their perspectives are valued and considered in shaping organizational decisions.

Moreover, the act of actively seeking feedback through surveys demonstrates an organization’s commitment to continuous improvement, fostering a culture of transparency and trust. When employees see that their feedback leads to tangible changes and improvements, their confidence in the company’s dedication to their well-being and success deepens, further enhancing overall engagement.

A man and a woman using their smartphones to answer an online survey.
VIPs on their smartphones answering the employee survey via Mentimeter

Incorporating employee surveys into DOXA Talent’s mid-year town hall aligns with the broader aim to improve employee engagement.

Not only do these surveys serve as a mechanism for addressing immediate concerns and refining benefits, but they also contribute to long-term engagement by fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

As employees share their challenges, aspirations, and preferences, they become active participants in the company’s journey, solidifying their connection and investment in its success.

This approach not only cultivates a culture of open dialogue but also underscores the organization’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its remote workforce, ultimately contributing to a more engaged and motivated employee base.

DOXA VIP Spotlight

Another segment of DOXA Talent’s mid-year town hall was the emotionally-driven “VIP Spotlight” activity, which highlighted the personal journeys and accomplishments of the organization’s VIPs.

This activity served as a powerful tool to improve employee engagement by providing a platform for individuals to share their unique paths and milestones within DOXA. The VIP Spotlight not only acknowledged the diverse backgrounds of employees but also fostered a sense of belonging and appreciation for their contributions.

Such sharing of personal narratives creates an environment where employees feel valued and understood, enhancing their connection to the company and its mission.

During the town hall, Binswanger Enterprises, LLC’s Mary Umali’s story exemplified the transformative impact of the VIP Spotlight by sharing her journey. Her narrative began with her transitioning from a career in the TV industry to remote work due to personal reasons. Her story was also about her journey of self-doubt and her determination to continually improve through constant self-assessment. She also underlined the significance of working with empowered women leaders who facilitated her professional development. By providing a platform for stories like Mary’s, DOXA Talent reinforces the importance of open communication, vulnerability, and growing from crucial conversations.

VIP Elaine shares her DOXA Journey to inspire her fellow VIPs
VIP Elaine shares her DOXA Journey to inspire her fellow VIPs

Also given the spotlight was Elaine, Facilitator for the VIP Assist Program. She continued with her narrative by sharing her journey of overcoming introversion through perseverance and self-challenge. She shared her “3 golden rules of Good Riot” – embracing discipline, seeking constructive challenges, and striving for growth through adversity – offered valuable insights into fostering personal development. Such stories not only inspire but also impart practical wisdom, elevating the engagement level of the entire workforce.

Without avenues like the VIP Spotlight, organizations risk missing out on the positive impact of open communication. Employee engagement could suffer as employees may feel disconnected from the company’s mission and from each other.

Stories shared through an activity like this create a sense of unity and shared purpose, encouraging a culture of mutual support and respect. By offering employees the chance to share their stories and lessons, DOXA Talent strengthens the bonds within its workforce, ultimately increasing employee engagement and cultivating an environment of continuous growth and improvement.

DOXA Awards

One of the highlights of this year’s mid-year town hall is the “DOXA Awards,” a symbolic celebration of employees who embody the organization’s core values: transparency, results, inclusion, bayanihan (community spirit), and excellence.

This activity stands as testament to DOXA Talent’s commitment to improve employee engagement by not only acknowledging exceptional contributions but also by promoting a culture that aligns with the company’s guiding principles. The recognition given to employees for their alignment with these values also underscores the organization’s dedication to creating a positive and purpose-driven work environment.

The significance of recognizing employees through activities like the “DOXA Awards” cannot be disregarded. Such recognition goes beyond the surface-level acknowledgment of achievements; it deeply resonates with the fundamental need for appreciation and validation.

DOXA VIPs and members of the leadership team displaying their awards at the 2023 Town Hall.
DOXA VIPs and members of the leadership team displaying their awards at the 2023 Town Hall.

When employees see their efforts and dedication acknowledged by both their colleagues and senior leadership, it solidifies their sense of value and purpose within the company. This tangible display of appreciation, rooted in the company’s core values, significantly increases employee engagement, motivating individuals to continue striving for excellence and aligning their efforts with the organization’s broader goals.

The process of employees being nominated by their peers and subsequently selected by the senior leadership team for the “DOXA Awards” not only strengthens the bonds of camaraderie but also encourages a culture of peer recognition and collaboration. This approach fosters a sense of unity and shared success, driving employees to not only perform at their best but also to uplift and support their colleagues.

The act of highlighting and celebrating individuals who consistently uphold the company’s values sets a benchmark for exemplary behavior, encouraging others to follow suit. In the long run, this approach enhances the overall employee experience, making a profound impact on engagement, and  job satisfaction.

Fireside Chat

A much awaited segment of this year’s mid-year town hall was the insightful “Fireside Chat,” an engaging session that ignited employee engagement through a thought-provoking conversation. Hosted by  Edward Lim, the session featured a remarkable guest – Atty. Leni Robredo, former vice-president of the Philippines.

Atty. Robredo’s poignant and honest dialogue touched on her learnings from the 2022 Philippine presidential elections, the profound impact of her upbringing on her leadership style, and her nuances as a boss.

This activity, centered around her personal and professional journey, exemplified the company’s core values and offered a unique opportunity for employees to gain invaluable insights from a seasoned leader.

Conversations like the Fireside Chat serve as a powerful catalyst to improve employee engagement. Thought leadership discussions connect employees with accomplished individuals who share their experiences, challenges, and successes. Such interactions not only inspire but also bring forth a sense of admiration and aspiration among employees.

A woman in a yellow jacket speaks as a man in a suit listens intently.
Edward Lim hosts Atty. Leni Robredo during the Fireside Chat

When employees witness leaders, like Atty. Robredo, share their life’s journey and insights, it enhances their motivation to excel and contribute meaningfully to their own careers. This heightened sense of purpose and inspiration has a direct and positive impact on employee engagement.

The interactive Q&A segment, where employees could ask Atty. Robredo questions, further promotes engagement by encouraging open dialogue and knowledge-sharing. Educational sessions like this play a pivotal role in enhancing employee engagement by offering opportunities for continuous learning and growth.

Such initiatives not only expand employees’ skillsets but also make them feel valued and invested in their personal and professional development. This, in turn, translates into improved engagement as employees feel empowered and equipped to contribute more effectively to the organization.

Countering The Disengagement Narrative

“Pretty much all of us have checked out at some point in our careers, haven’t we? When we feel psychologically unsafe or unvalued, we protest quietly. Sometimes even silently or subconsciously. Maybe we stop trying as hard at work, or maybe we act in ways that subtly undermine leadership, or act against the organization’s objectives just a little bit. In corporate speak, we become ‘disengaged’.” – Chris White, “3 ways to create a work culture that brings out the best in employees

While the efforts to increase employee engagement have gained significant momentum, it’s equally crucial to acknowledge the flip side of the coin – employee disengagement.

In order to truly improve employee engagement, we must address the factors that lead to disengagement and understand their impact on productivity and organizational success. By delving into the root causes of disengagement, we can gain valuable insights that guide us toward creating a more inclusive and fulfilling work environment.

Neglecting employee engagement in a remote work setup can lead to detrimental consequences. A disengaged remote workforce may experience reduced productivity, lower job satisfaction, and an increased sense of isolation.

The lack of regular face-to-face interactions can result in miscommunication, reduced team cohesion, and decreased alignment with the company’s goals. Ultimately, disengagement can erode the overall organizational culture and hinder the achievement of business objectives.

Engaged remote employees are more likely to exhibit higher levels of dedication, creativity, and initiative. They feel connected to their colleagues and the organization, which bolsters collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Moreover, when innovative approaches, like the mid-year town hall, are applied to engage remote employees, a sense of belonging and mutual support can thrive, leading to improved job satisfaction and overall well-being.

Activities such as the employee survey, DOXA VIP Spotlight, DOXA Awards, and Fireside Chat play crucial roles in improving overall employee engagement by addressing various dimensions of connection, recognition, personal growth, and shared learning.

  • The employee survey fosters engagement by giving employees a voice and involving them in decision-making processes. When employees are asked for their input on challenges, benefits, and preferences, they feel valued and heard, leading to a sense of ownership and empowerment. This, in turn, boosts their engagement as they see their opinions influencing company decisions and policies, creating a culture of inclusivity and collaboration.
  • The DOXA VIP Spotlight activity improves employee engagement by showcasing individual journeys within the company. Recognizing employees who embody the company’s core values demonstrates that their contributions are not only acknowledged but celebrated. This recognition reinforces a culture of appreciation, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation. When employees see their colleagues being spotlighted for their efforts, they are inspired to align with the company’s values and strive for excellence, ultimately enhancing their engagement with the organization.
  • The DOXA Awards contribute to improved employee engagement by formally recognizing outstanding achievements. When employees are honored for embodying core values and making meaningful contributions, it reinforces the culture of excellence and dedication. This recognition not only boosts morale but also encourages others to emulate the recognized behaviors, thus creating a positive feedback loop that enhances engagement and promotes a supportive work environment.
  • The Fireside chat aids in improving employee engagement through thought leadership and educational interactions. When employees have the opportunity to hear from accomplished leaders and experts, it ignites their curiosity and provides valuable insights. Exposure to different perspectives and life stories broadens their horizons, fostering continuous learning and personal growth. Such engagements not only inspire employees but also create a sense of pride in being part of an organization that values their intellectual and personal development, leading to increased engagement.

In essence, these employee engagement activities collectively contribute to a workplace culture that values communication, recognition, growth, and shared experiences. By addressing these crucial aspects, organizations like DOXA Talent can elevate employee engagement, ultimately leading to a more motivated, connected, and productive workforce.

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