DOXA Talent: Redefining the BPO landscape with their VIPs and white glove approach

Manila, Philippines, 17 January 2024 – By 2030, the talent shortage could reach its peak at 85 million people, according to sources. In fact, a staggering 77% of companies currently struggle to find the right talents globally. Additionally, the workforce landscape was forced to restructure during the pandemic– shifting from onsite to remote and hybrid work setups. This shift brought in more opportunities to outsource employees across the globe, with businesses investing in offshore talents to address the employment gap.  

Offshore Talent Outsourcing: The Future of Work in the Philippines

An upward trajectory was seen in 2023, with 83% of small businesses investing in outsourced services, and the trend will continue to do so in 2024. Talent outsourcing provides several benefits for small and medium-scale businesses such as low labor costs, increased productivity, and access to a large pool of skilled workers, to name a few. “Companies must gear up as we are seeing a demographic shift in the workforce with more offshore talents helping businesses thrive, which is also providing a tailwind to the BPO industry,” said David Nilssen, CEO of DOXA® Talent. 

In the Philippines, many skilled talents are faced with unemployment due to job shortages. The trend of outsourcing presents opportunities for many Filipinos to showcase their skills globally, without leaving the country. Filipino employees also remain open to new opportunities outside their roles, making them the ideal candidates for offshore talent teams as they embrace a flexible career mindset in a constantly evolving industry.  

How DOXA is Transforming the Workforce With Borderless Talent Offshoring in PH

DOXA Talent, a leading offshoring solutions provider, is shaping the future of talent outsourcing as it brings its global expertise and socially conscious approach to the Philippines. To kickstart the year, DOXA organized a 3-day conference called DOXACon held from January 17-19 at the Fairmont Hotel in Makati City, showcasing its thought leadership, customer-friendly practices, and world-class employee experience through a series of learning sessions and activities. 

The three-day event includes clients from the United States, DOXA’s global leadership team, and DOXA’s VIPs (employees). The first day kicks off with DOXA living its bayanihan core value, with guests joining a day of local community service. The day is followed by dinner and networking in the evening. 

Day 2 of DOXACon is a conference-style learning day, with a lineup of curated speakers on a range of relevant topics – including the unveiling of their proprietary AI recruiting tool. At the same time, a local press dinner is set up in Cirkulo Makati in the afternoon to engage with the media and discuss DOXA’s ongoing plans and projects in the country. 

To officially close the 3rd day of DOXACon, an Amazing Race tech event is set up, where event guests explore landmarks along Bonifacio Global City (BGC) and a tropical-themed holiday party to cap off the night. 

“As global leaders, driving offshore talent means having a borderless mindset; one that allows us to think and learn to grow in a dynamically changing world, “ said David Nilssen. “The Philippines is a breeding ground of skillful offshore talents, and we see this as an opportunity to transform the way we work and lead our partners to success and help both employees and businesses compete in the global world,” he added.  

DOXA is a game changer for its people, with its completely remote environment. This remote culture allows people to work from any province and earn a Manila salary, save an average of 21 days a year in commute time, and is environmentally friendly. One of DOXA’s community service projects focuses on the planting of new trees in the Philippines. DOXA stays true to its overall goal of “lifting global communities by creating meaningful work”. 

DOXA’s model contributes significantly to the Philippines’ economic growth, aligning with the fast-paced expansion of the BPO industry. The company’s focus is on offshoring for small to medium-sized businesses, and offering white-glove service, which positions DOXA in its unique category. 

Looking Ahead: DOXA in 2024

As the new year unfolds, there is optimism for the BPO Industry with its rapid growth trajectory, with offshoring for small to medium-sized businesses predicted to grow even faster. With the future of offshoring running its course, DOXA’s strategic focus is primed to help small businesses thrive in the ever-changing needs of this market segment effectively.

DOXA® Talent is poised for significant growth, with several promising plans in the pipeline. For one, they will introduce cutting-edge AI technology and open new acquisition channels to fuel growth and efficiency. This forward-thinking approach not only promises to improve the quality of life for its employees but also to drive economic growth in the Philippines.

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Leverage our Borderless TalentTM to scale your business by increasing the output while saving on hiring costs.

Find your V.I.P.

Leverage our Borderless TalentTM to scale your business by increasing the output while saving on hiring costs.

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