Your X-Factor in building offshore teams.

borderless talentTM for a Borderless World

DOXA helps you find outstanding talent from across the world, enabling you to scale faster and build trust with your customers.

Our offering is structurally aligned to deliver better results and give you the resources and technology to compete in a borderless world.


Access a deep pool of qualified talent and save up to 70% on hiring while still paying above-average wages.


We help you scale – without upfront costs or commitments – by increasing your team’s output while maintaining quality.


Improve productivity by leveraging process mapping and task costing through tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


We support you and your team every step of the way, giving you the tools to keep your data safe and secure.

Recent Press

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CNN - THE LAST WORD with David Nilssen

Discover David Nilssen’s insights on CNN’s The Last Word, where he unveils DOXA Talent’s role in transforming global outsourcing.
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ANC Roadshow - Impactful Remote Work Opportunities

DOXA Talent’s CEO, David Nilssen, champions the Philippines in the global talent arena and pushes for impactful remote work opportunities.


Your X-factor in borderless talentTM where community, trust, and scalable growth come together

Our team always puts people first. We care most about the growth and success of our team members, clients, and community.

We’re driven by an intense desire to power profitable growth for our clients and guided by a set of core values:

Very Important Inclusive Impactful Impassioned Incredible Independent Individual Indispensible Intelligent Impressive People


To find true extensions of your company, get started with DOXA today, your outsourcing X-factor in Borderless TalentTM.

We are your x-factor in Borderless TalentTM.

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